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Things people had to say about the first release; "Unknown Mystery 60's Group"

"An intriguing cavalcade of Pete Townshend vim and chiming, early-Todd Rundgren sweetness nevertheless"
VOX Magazine

"It's exactly the kind of thing cults are made of"
The Bob

"Acoustic-electric psych pop with quirky songwriting and tight harmonies"
Record Collector

"This UNKNOWN 60'S MYSTERY music is WAY tasty stuff indeed"
Mr. Fab's Pop Blab
Not Lame Recordings

"The recordings, at a guess, seem to date from around '67 or '68. Consisting of 14 tracks (all originals), the group seems to have been a folk-rock type of group that were heavily influenced by the west coast sound. Tracks like "I Wanna Let You Know", "Percival", and "Are You Mad at Me" have a Buffalo Springfield edge with "I Wanna Let You Know" being a standout with a cool lead guitar and a simple but effective harp solo. "Is It Me or Is It You?" would actually be right at home on a later Beau Brummels LP while "Bumby" sounds like a Byrds "outtake" session -pretty cool stuff! My vote for the most rockin' track goes to "She's So Fine." With it's driving bass line and sneering guitar work, this Beatles influenced song would've been a good candidate for a 45. The group takes a minor turn into Psychedelia with "Salisbury Jane", which sounds like it could've been written by The British North American Act. The questions about the group will hopefully be answered in the upcoming years. So until then, if folk rock's your bag, dig the sounds of the "Unknown Mystery Group".
Tony Sanchez
Ugly Things