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Our mission is excellence through winning. Winning is our passion, and is part of our corporate DNA. We must strive daily to open windows of opportunity into winning by creating a four-dimensional mutually proactive win-win value-added empowerment zone that extends a minimum of fifty feet around all our of work environments. Winning is viral, and we must dedicate ourselves single-mindedly to ensuring that there is no cure from winning.

These are the mission critical principles that drive our must-win corporate culture:

    There are dumb people, but there are no dumb questions. We will fight, physically if necessary, to ensure that every opinion is nurtured even if it completely shuts our business down. The proper forum for the resolution of ideas is the arena.

    Our employees don’t simply work for the firm; they are the property of the firm. We treat them like family members, and then ratchet up the intensity by several powers of ten. We must know what they are doing at all times. Life is an extension of the workplace.

    Our business leaders are visionaries and explosive non-spatial value generators. Their performance cannot be constrained by goals, or measured by achievements. The entire known universe is their office. Their compensation must be commensurate with the outlandish value they generate.

  • Narrow financial parameters are a death blow to the midsection of creativity and stakeholder perceived value. We must interpret profitability through the widest possible lens. Power and resolve are found and joined on the brink of insolvency; this is where we live.
  • It is ridiculous to imagine that a passionate work environment that requires commitment and bonding at the deepest levels would not also involve frequent and sometimes reckless sexual activity. Those uncomfortable with intimacy in all of its forms need not apply.


We are committed to winning in a way outsiders cannot understand, and we cannot stop to explain ourselves. Our stakeholders must share our commitment. Excellence transcends trite boundaries.