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Dear Musicians,

As a founding member of Octopus Recordings, and now Birdhouse Records, I had a road unique amongst many. My calling has always been music. I've often felt that it was my duty, even more my burden, to lift up the spirits and the hopes of the downtrodden. Not many people ever get to self actualize their innate selfness, but it has been my gift, and now I am passing it along to all of you. For too long have I wandered that highway of melody and harmony ever searching for that perfect insurrection of the two. Although you may not have the abundant resources at your disposal that have afforded me my soap box, you too can take your place in the annals of musicality if you dare to persevere. There are several key steps towards becoming a successful musician and I will outline them here for you, as well as provide you all with an opportunity to pursue your career nestled in the loving arms of Birdhouse Records.

The seven keys to musicality:

1. Never admit to anything
2. Keep working at your songs until they sound good
3. Try to say something in your music
4. Use your pinky more when you play lead
5. Try not to rhyme too much
6. Always keep your eye on the drummer
7. Pay attention to all of the details

If you can stay true to these tenets you will succeed, eventually. That being said, I now issue a challenge to you. The Artist & Repertoire department at Birdhouse Records is happy to announce the following contest:

Battle of the Bands

Do you think you're good enough to join the Birdhouse? Well, prove it. Send your tape or CD to our representatives:

Birdhouse Records
136 Kenilworth Road
Merion, PA 19066

The best band suited to join our ranks will be awarded a spot in our catalog, and will be entered in our national drawing to record another Birdhouse success.

Good luck to one and all,

David Plum
Managing Director of Artist & Repertoire
Birdhouse Records